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05. July 2018
#payments #vc Hong Kong digital bank Neat scores $2m funding boost https://t.co/0asJ9XMLYf
04. July 2018
#payments #vc Paysend closes USD 20 mln funding round In https://t.co/MBBZ7uD6H4
27. June 2018
Here comes again our quarterly must-read for the payments industry: the EY #payments newsletter https://t.co/iYmf9QCsIW
27. June 2018
#payments @Visa to allegedly invest USD 250 mln in @BillDesk In https://t.co/739TjhvU6b
25. June 2018
#payments #vc Rebtel's new digital bank lands USD 8 mln https://t.co/6EQxGcIgk1
21. June 2018
#payments #VC New credit card startup Brex lands $50 Million From PayPal and other investors In https://t.co/G9DheprOvb
21. June 2018
#payments #vc French POS outfit Tiller raises EUR12m In https://t.co/PUUFblbsTk
21. June 2018
#payments #consolidation @PayPal continues acquisition tour with @Hyperwallet for $400 million In https://t.co/sK7BV1nC1F
20. June 2018
#payments #consolidation @Nets Group acquires Polish online payment companies dotPay/eCard In https://t.co/Iwzpvy5Qiq
19. June 2018
#payments Global Processing Services raises £44 million to fund international growthhttps://t.co/W9xDT4cJMXX
19. June 2018
#payments welcome: Apple Pay launches in Poland with eight banks In https://t.co/0cM1CqpKC0
18. June 2018
#payments Mint Payments raises A$6.6 million In https://t.co/Q6rytZDZGs
14. June 2018
#payments Truecaller acquires Indian mobile payments startup Chillr https://t.co/eVeQCVWw4P
13. June 2018
#payments Grab receives USD 1 bln investment from Toyota In https://t.co/MF5f5pIKLa
07. June 2018
#payments After first announcement in 2016, @Stocard Wallet to launch mobile payment solution by raising USD 20 mln In https://t.co/eBcBHJJPLG
07. June 2018
#payments good read: Integrations, Pan-European Consolidations & Meaningful Partnerships https://t.co/O3JgGOPd1v
07. June 2018
#payments #vc Marqeta raises USD 45 mln from Goldman Sachs, Iconiq In https://t.co/Qohi5TBfeV
05. June 2018
#payments Paysafe completes acquisition of iPayment In https://t.co/lFEyOV9N9D
04. June 2018
01. June 2018
#payments #vc @BBVA completes £85.4 million investment in@Atom bankk bankhttps://t.co/BwR1QMrfPKK
01. June 2018
#payments #vc No-fees mobile bank Chime raises $70M Series C, valuing its business at $500M https://t.co/E3EfpHTFM8
31. May 2018
#payments #vc neo-bank Lidya raises $6.9 million https://t.co/bdjU3ud8lI
31. May 2018
#payments #vc @Starling Bank raising another £80M, ends partnership with@TransferWiseehttps://t.co/rSWWDnK1g66
29. May 2018
#payments #vc Azimo closes on $20 million funding to drive profitability quest https://t.co/ZsQKR9OgCX
24. May 2018
#payments Visa invests in Latin American mobile payments outfit YellowPepper https://t.co/lZkbAXNOH7
24. May 2018
24. May 2018
#payments #vc Singapore: WeInvest raises USD 12 mln in Series A In https://t.co/v8DkmZjsim
24. May 2018
#payments good read: Internet of Payments (IoP) – Is this the future of Payinghttps://t.co/8uce3nv3MyMy
24. May 2018
#payments #vc Canada's NorthOne raises $2m for SMB mobile banking platform https://t.co/i1CJr4ozI2


Growth strategy for a medium-sized broker
A medium-sized broker with a focus on industrial business and a 150-year tradition is confronted with increasing competitiveness in the market and sinking margins in the core business...
International growth strategy for an acquirer
The customer belongs to the leading providers of payment solutions in Europe and the US, especially in the Merchant Acquiring segment the market position is excellent...
Improvement of the earnings position
Within the scope of strategy workshop sponsored by INNOVALUE, the board of directors of a top 30 savings bank (assets of approx. €8 billion) its growth strategy...
Accompanying a trans­action upon acquisition of a terminal portfolio
The customer is one of the leading providers in the net­work operations and merchant acquiring segment. The inter­national presence is expanded by entering of markets with a "follow your customer" strategy...
Cost benchmarking in insurance sales
As part of the merger of several subsidiaries, efficiency and effectiveness were to be increased in the different sales channels within the sales/marketing department...
Mobile payments business field strategy for a telco company
The customer belongs to the leading international tele­communications companies. Based on declining growth and increasing com­petition in the core business, the company has began looking for future growth areas...
Business valuation of an online financial service provider
An online financial service provider experiencing dynamic growth was seeking to raise further capital to expand its business...
Regulation – stress test, regulation and options for action
A large foreign insurance company is pursuing the goal of positioning itself as a leading international specialist for life insurances and pension solutions in Germany...
Product strategy in online payments sector
The customer belongs to the leading global suppliers of online payments solutions and within the scope of a change in management and ownership, the company reviews its corporate and product strategies...
E-money institution vs. full bank
A European provider of online payments solutions was faced with the challenge of a constantly growing volume of e-money...
Realignment of operational model
The current business climate in the insurance industry is putting pressure on the operational models of insurance companies, therefore they are faced with the challenge of aligning the internal processes to the new circumstances...
Target operating model for a PoS terminal manufacturer
The customer belongs to the leading global suppliers of Point of Sale (PoS) terminals. The company has grown quickly through acquisitions without an integration of the acquired company into a target operating model...
Restructuring and sale of a credit card processor
As a former monopoly, the customer was the market leader in the technical pro­cessing of electronic card transactions. With the de­regul­ation the company faced increasing pressure and the need of restructuring…
Market strategy for a top-5 insurance company
A globally operating top-5 insurance company offering life, composite and health insurance products through various sales channels, generates about 20% of the overall turnover through insurance agents and brokers...
Increasing bAV business
In a large regional database with more than 200 offices, the business field of company pensions is processed by both a GmbH (LLC) – for approaching corporate customers – as well as an in-house pensions department...


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