EY Innovalue has comprehensive and deep expertise in the financial services industry that has been built over many years of experience. We are constantly endeavouring to improve our specialist knowledge and our methodologies. We publish on topics that are relevant to our clients on the basis of our thought leadership. Examples include market entry strategies and segmentation of sales channels and customers as well as today’s issues such as digital convergence. A selection of our actual press releases regarding the financial services industry as well as related to EY Innovalue can be found here:

June 2017
IT füllt ihre Zukunftsrolle noch nicht aus
September 2016
Erfolgsfaktoren im AO-Vertrieb
July 2016
INNOVALUE becomes part of the EY organization
July 2016
INNOVALUE wird Teil der EY Gruppe
March 2016
Compliance: „Mehr Ressourcen für Compliance“
February 2016
Kfz 2020: „Kfz Versicherung 2020“
February 2016
Kontaktloses Bezahlen: Deutschland hinkt hinterher
January 2016
Omnikanal-Vertrieb und Digitalisierung: Herausforderung Mensch
December 2015
INNOVALUE Schadenstudie 2015: Digitalisierung teilt den Versicherungsmarkt
December 2015
Regulierung: Versicherungsmanager erwarten strengere Offenlegungspflichten bei Provisionen
November 2015
Ausbau des Führungsteams der INNOVALUE Solutions GmbH
October 2015
Umsetzung strategischer Konzepte wird durch Regulierungsdruck zunehmend komplex
August 2015
Hans Eder übernimmt Führung der INNOVALUE Solutions
July 2015
180 Tage LVRG: Versicherungswirtschaft erwartet weitere Marktkonsolidierung
June 2015
Ausschließlichkeitsvertrieb: Regulative Maßnahmen sprechen für Angestelltenmodelle
April 2015
Provisionsverbot für Versicherungs- und Anlagevermittler – hilft der Blick ins Ausland?
February 2015
Unterschiede zwischen Direkt- und Multikanalversicherern verschwimmen
February 2015
Zukunft des Versicherungsvertriebs: Experten skizzieren den „Vermittler 2020“
December 2014
Vergütungsmodelle in der Lebensversicherung: Trend zur späten Anpassung


21. February 2019
Regulatory delays and consumer trust are hindering the #openbanking rollout in the Netherlands. How can Dutch
21. February 2019
Open banking is thriving in China, driven by an innovation-focused economy and the world’s most digitally connectedhttps://t.co/SKH2VWwwISwwIS
20. February 2019
James Lloyd, EY's #FinTech Leader for Asia-Pacific, discusses how financial companies are embracing new technologie
20. February 2019
#payments Card networks prepare to raise Scheme and Interchange fees https://t.co/0JNQbip0xC
19. February 2019
We had a great panel discussing mergers and successful integration startegies https://t.co/RI3DTGAGJ4
19. February 2019
EY’s Global Financial Services leaders will explore ho#hyperpersonalizationon an#AIAI will shape future of FS athttps://t.co/KFnB8FAwtyAwty
15. February 2019
EY’@James Lloyd 勞瞻斯yd o@Bloomberg Liveve today on our Open Banking Opportunity Index, and the latest developments in Finhttps://t.co/mliPXx3Yeb3Yeb
11. February 2019
AI, machine learning, big data and robotics continue to shape #bank regulatory trends. How should leaders adjust th
11. February 2019
Three ways to elevate consumer trust in open banking progress. Our latest perspective has more.
11. February 2019
Will slow #payment systems put the brakes on economic growth? Economies with outdated #paymentsystems must accelera
08. February 2019
Our online analysis reveals consumer sentiment toward #openbanking globally. Which countries are embracing and whic
07. February 2019
With 50 days to go until 29 March, payment institutions have a number of key considerations in the possibility of a
07. February 2019
#payments Barclays invests GBP 10 mln in UK startup Bink https://t.co/Nn5OXg8zj6
04. February 2019
Stephan Maier vom Beratungsunternehmen @EY_Innovalue prophezeit eine dritte Insurtech-Welle aus dem Dienstleistungs


Growth strategy for a medium-sized broker
A medium-sized broker with a focus on industrial business and a 150-year tradition is confronted with increasing competitiveness in the market and sinking margins in the core business...
Cost benchmarking in insurance sales
As part of the merger of several subsidiaries, efficiency and effectiveness were to be increased in the different sales channels within the sales/marketing department...
Business valuation of an online financial service provider
An online financial service provider experiencing dynamic growth was seeking to raise further capital to expand its business...
Regulation – stress test, regulation and options for action
A large foreign insurance company is pursuing the goal of positioning itself as a leading international specialist for life insurances and pension solutions in Germany...
Realignment of operational model
The current business climate in the insurance industry is putting pressure on the operational models of insurance companies, therefore they are faced with the challenge of aligning the internal processes to the new circumstances...
Market strategy for a top-5 insurance company
A globally operating top-5 insurance company offering life, composite and health insurance products through various sales channels, generates about 20% of the overall turnover through insurance agents and brokers...
Increasing bAV business
In a large regional database with more than 200 offices, the business field of company pensions is processed by both a GmbH (LLC) – for approaching corporate customers – as well as an in-house pensions department...


Wertorientierte Vertriebssteuerung
May 2017
Die Vertriebssteuerung vieler Versicherungs- unternehmen ist weiterhin auf das Neugeschäftsvolumen fokussiert.
„Revival“ des Angestellten­vertriebs?
July 2015
Die Rolle des Direktvertriebs innerhalb der Multikanal-­strategien von Versicherern
July 2015
2020 – das digitalisierte Makler- ­ unternehmen
May 2015
Das Marktumfeld in der deutschen Assekuranz hat sich durch eine Vielzahl externer Faktoren deutlich verschlechtert.
Wie viel Führung steckt eigentlich in "Führungskraft"?
February 2015
Seit der De­regulierung des Versicherungs­marktes befindet sich die Branche in einem Prozess ständiger Ver­änderung.
Know-how-Anforderungen steigen
September 2014
Wettbewerb und Internationali­sierungs­ten­denzen prägen die Industrie-­ und Ver­triebs­landschaft von 2020
Typen und Gestalt­ungs­parameter von Betriebs­modellen
June 2014
Bei Preis­druck am Markt ist ein kosten­effizientes Betriebs­modell Wett­bewerbs­faktor
Am seidenen Faden
May 2014
Auf den Ver­sicherungs­vertrieb in Deutschland wirkt derzeit eine Viel­zahl von Ver­änderungs­treibern ein
Apps für jeden Tag
March 2014
Regelmäßige Nutzungsanlässe verhelfen Versicherungs-Apps zur Konjunktur
Dringender Sanier­ungs­bedarf für un­pro­fi­tables Sach­geschäft
December 2013
Verträge sollten unter ver­schie­denen Be­tracht­ungs­ebenen identi­fiziert werden