We want the best people and we want all of the best for those who join us.

Have you been ambitious and successful in your endeavours to date? We want you to enjoy further successes and to push your professional and business development further. That’s why we will challenge you from day one.

Our company offers outstanding strategic projects in the Insurance, Payments and Banking industries. If you share our passion for the financial services sector, we offer an environment with first-class expertise, a network of top-tier customers, executives and industry decision-makers as well as the ability to innovate and to learn about our analytical methodologies

Your career is our success. Joining our team means progress and learning.

Our employees are our most valuable asset. That’s why we provide our team members with support and learning opportunities for their career progression. If you start with us as an Associate Consultant, you will learn about our various industry lines –Insurance, Payments and Banking– in your project work, and will then have to opportunity to specialise in your area of choice, over the course of your career. If you already have industry knowledge, you can also join one of our business practices straight away.

We often encourage new staff to “dive-in at the deep-end” of our industries, but we never let anyone “drown”. Throughout your entire career, our experienced Associate Directors and Partners will guide you with dedicated, personal and professional mentoring. With the appropriate level of personal and professional development, you will progress to further levels of responsibility and seniority.





Your development

Below there is an illustration of the role and responsibilities at the various stages of your career.

Associate Consultant and Consultant

If you have just under-graduated from university, you will begin working with us as an Associate Consultant. With the appropriate level of development, you will reach Consulant level after approximately 12 months.

If you have graduated with an MA or University Diploma, you will begin working with us as a Consultant. After approximately 24 months, you will be expected to advance to a Senior Consultant position.

As an Associate Consultant and Consultant, you will be a member of our project team from day one and you will get to experience a variety of analytical task and roles within our projects. You will enjoy the ability to deliver subtasks in full autonomy, define the structure and subtask approaches as well as developing hypotheses and possible solutions. More specifically, you may work on competitive and market analyses, business case modelling or developing digital business models. This  is your chance to prove yourself and you will be supported in this by your project manager as well as by our more experienced team members.

Senior Consultant

As a Senior Consultant you will work independently on your project tasks and will have the chance to develop specific project expertise. You will support your project manager in developing the overall solution or our client challenges while holding responsibility for parts of projects. Here, you will assume your first leadership role as you lead (Associate) Consultants and interns. This will offer you the opportunity to grow professionally and prove yourself further while you will be supported in this by your first leadership training sessions and by on-site project managers and partners.


As a Manager, you will assume project management responsibilities and will, in collaboration with the responsible Associate Director or Partner, process the project’s strategic issue. Additionally, you are responsible for leading the project team and for the dialogue with our clients. You will present the project results in the steering committee and are developing into an accepted business partner for our clients’ management boards. You will be supported in this by leadership training and individual coaching measures as well as by intensive mentoring from Partner level staff.

Associate Director

As an Associate Director, you are responsible for the project management as well as for customer relations. You lead a Competence Team either as with an industry or a methodology focus. Alongside your first sales responsibilities, you are also a member of the EY Innovalue leadership team. As a mentor, you will look after and support the development of Consultants and Senior Consultants. In this role, you will guide less experienced colleagues in their professional and personal development.


As a partner, you will drive our development in our industries. For this, you take on project management with customers, be ultimately responsible for team management and for supporting the team with coaching for the project. You will look after our client relations and be responsible for the acquisition of new projects. You will be part of our leadership team, driving our growth through your entrepreneurial approach. As a mentor, you provide support to our Executive Directors and Managers and, in this way, build up and expand your future leaders.

Contact Person

Katharina Kreitz
Head of Career Development