EY Innovalue LIFE is about keeping a work-life balance – taking into consideration the high demands of our clients and the high standards we set for ourselves. Saying 'client first' and being 'highly motivated' are not incompatible with a good work-life balance.

That is because we are offering our staff flexibility and an incomparable community support that goes hand in hand with entrepreneurship and a passion for our work.

1. Balance

We are putting into practice what other companies are still just talking about. Of course, extraordinary commitment is essential for the job as a consultant but, in the end, it is the results that matter to us, not the hours.

We do not only really enjoy working together, but we have other things to talk about, too. That’s why in the evenings, instead of finding us in the conference room, you might find us having a barbecue in the garden. This is a particularly useful way for ‘newcomers’ to feel at home with us and to become part of our family.

2. Flexible Working

24 hours in a day are not sufficient to bring together career goals, friends, family and hobbies in the life of each of us. Your career at our company doesn’t have to end when personal priorities change and with us, being a part-time employee will not stop your career advancement. We highly value your continued involvement in client projects in order to safeguard client relations and your own career development through all different stages of personal life.

Moreover, we also offer you a variety of flexible working time models, which you can choose from every year. Whether you want to backpack through Peru or would like time for yourself and your family, we will always find an individual solution, coordinating your personal plans with our requirements and those of our clients.

3. Internationality

We combine the benefits of a medium-sized consultancy boutique with a high level of flexibility and individuality while simultaneously belonging to the international and well-known Ernst & Young Group. The international exchange with our EY colleagues all around the world is a fixed component of our everyday work. EY Innovalue provides committed employees with the opportunity of a temporary international stay in an EY Office abroad.

4. Community

Alongside the everyday project work, our schedule includes events such as championship trophies, company tours, summertime festivals and sports events. This social affinity amongst our staff is very important to us because having fun in our social lives also brings fun into the workplace. This then ultimately leads to more successful teamwork in our projects. It is in this spirit that we have grown to be the company that we proudly represent today.